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3 Morning and Evening Routines to Help You Get On Track

Ever had one of those days where you wake up early and have enough time to get in some exercise and catch up on the news? You know, the day when you’re not feeling lethargic, overwhelmed, and unprepared to take on the day? We all experience them occasionally but almost universally feel as though it’s impossible to escape the rut.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help you escape the endless cycle of laziness and get the most out of your day. In this blog, we’ll share 3 morning and evening routines to help you get on track.

Understand why you need a Routine

To best understand why a routine is crucial to any measurable degree of success, consider the following quote by Aristotle:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Although there’s no fixed routine to success, almost all successful personalities throughout history like Karl Marx, Ernest Hemingway, and Benjamin Franklin followed one. It helps you take advantage of the finite resource of time and is known to boost willpower, optimism, and self-discipline.

By following a routine, you’ve already prepared your mind for the task ahead and set up effective barriers against mood swings, lethargy, and inactivity.

Wake up Early

You’ve probably heard this one a million times, but that’s because it works. Getting out of bed early allows you to exercise, have breakfast, take a bath, and catch up on important emails or notifications even before others wake up. In combination, all these acts prep the mind for the task ahead and fend off negativity, anxiety, and depression.

Read a Book

Research shows that reading even a single page out of a book each day increases brainpower, empathy, and intelligence. Reading significantly reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and helps relax the mind. People tend to put off reading believing that they won’t ever have enough time to finish a book. However, if you break the task down into manageable pieces like reading a chapter each day, chances are, you’ll get done with reading a couple of books each year!

Prepare for the Next Day

To minimize the amount of prep time for the next day, plan out your schedule just before you hit the sack. Include even minor details like the food you’ll eat and the clothes you plan on wearing. The biggest benefit of engaging in this exercise is the time and mental energy you’ll save for tomorrow!

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